ETTL Truck-Mounted Drilling Rigs
and Complementary Equipment

ETTL's fleet of subsurface exploratory equipment includes five versatile truck-mounted drilling rigs and a portable Minuteman drilling rig, all described below,
plus a Geoprobe push-probe unit and an Ardco Articulating Drill Buggy.

1. 1996 Mobile B-5500 Drilling Rig: ETTL's most powerful truck-mounted unit, it is mounted on a 1995 Ford diesel tandem-axle truck. The B-5500 is a multi-purpose top-drive drill designed to quickly convert from augering to mud rotary, air or water coring, or downhole percussion air hammer. The long stroke mast makes it easy to use a simultaneous casing system or add a casing hammer. It has an auger capacity up to 18-inch diameter and rotary capacity to 24-inch hole diameter. The dual-speed top head drive delivers 14,000 ft-lbs for hollow stem auger drilling and up to 700 rpm for coring. On-board equipment includes a hydraulic driven 5" X 6" mud pump, air compressor, Moyno grout pump, and water tank.
2. 1992 Mobile B-61 HDX Drilling Rig (shown at above right). Capable of providing auger drilling at depths to 375 feet, it can take continuous soil samples in 5-foot intervals to depths of 300 feet, using hollow stem augers from 3-1/4" to 6-5/8" ID. A 42" hydraulically operated extruder on the B-61 will extrude a 3" OD undisturbed Shelby tube sample. The B-61 also is equipped with an SPT automatic hammer, hydraulic leveling jacks, and a 200-gal. water tank.
3. Mobile B-53 Drilling Rig, which can drill to approximately 75 feet with hollow-stem augers up to 4-1/4" ID, and to 25 feet with 6-5/8" hollow-stem. A continuous 5 foot sampler is employed by using drill pipe in the hollow stem augers, or a wire retrieval system. The B-53 has a 36" extruder, hydraulic leveling jacks, and a 175-gal. water tank.
4. Gardner Denver 500 Rotary Drilling Rig, which is equipped with a 5"X 6" mud pump. a 427 cfm air compressor, a Venturi injection system, a 42" extruder, and hydraulic leveling jacks. It can drill by rotary wash or air.
5. Mayhew 200 Rotary Drilling Rig, which is equipped with a 4-1/2"X 5" mud pump and a 36" extruder.

All five of these truck-mounted drilling units can be used for installation of 2" and 4" diameter monitoring wells, as well as 2" diameter piezometers. And all of them can do coring of heavily consolidated soil and rock, as well as pitcher barrel sampling of loose, unconsolidated soil.

6. In addition to its truck-mounted drilling rigs, ETTL's field drilling equipment includes a Mobile Portable Minuteman Drilling Rig. A gasoline-powered portable unit, mounted on two wheels, weighing only 265 lbs, the Minuteman uses solid stem and hollow stem augers. It is designed to "go any place a man can go," including buildings, pits, small areas — anywhere a small, portable, cost-effective rig is required. Its many uses include concrete and core drilling; NX core drilling; geotechnical and environmental sampling, and small-diameter monitor well installation.

ETTL's fleet, as mentioned above, also includes a 1995 Geoprobe push-probe unit and an Ardco K-4 X 4 Articulating Drill Buggy. (Click for more information.)

Complementary Equipment

In addition to its truck-mounted drilling rigs, ETTL's fleet includes a truck-mounted high-capacity grouting unit, as well as two truck-mounted water tanks of 1100- and 800-gallon capacity, respectively.

For more data on these units, and for
availability information, contact Jim Farr.

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