ETTL's ARDCO K-4X4 Articulating Drill Buggy

Equipped for both dry auger and rotary wash drilling, the K-4X4 includes an SPT automatic hammer, cathead, 5"X6" duplex pump, and a sample extruder. It is shown here angle drilling weepholes on the Lake Palestine (Texas) spillway through a concrete surface and strongly cemented glauconite sandstones and siltstones.

The Ardco Buggy is used extensively by ETTL in rough terrain and marsh areas common in East Texas and Louisiana. Its angle, hollow stem auger, and rotary wash drilling capabilities make it a valuable rig for both environmental and geotechnical projects. Like ETTL's truck-mounted drilling rigs, it can be used for installation of 2" and 4" diameter monitoring wells, as well as 2" diameter piezometers.

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