Ca. 1803 - After 1880

The history of William Everhart as passed down through his descendants, many of whom still live in Hawkins County and East Tennessee, is that he was born Willhelm Eberhardt in Hamburg, Germany and came to this country as a young child. Our research confirms his name, but we believe that it was his father, Christian Eberhardt, who came to this country as a child.

William Everhart's name appeared on the 1840, 1860, 1870, and 1880 Hawkins County census. According to the census he was born in Tennessee ca. 1803. William married Elizabeth Ann (Betsy) Stewart daughter of William Stewart ca. 1830. Their marriage record has not been found, but many of their descendants know that William's wife was Betsy Stewart, and deeds where her children sold their share of their grandfather, William Stewart's, land confirm that she was the mother of all of his children.

Bill and Betsy Everhart lived near Persia in the neighborhood where Highway 66 now crosses South Fork Branch Road and North Fork Branch Road. Bill was a farmer and a blacksmith. They had at least four sons and one daughter and may have had a fifth son.

James C. Everhart, Sr. born 16 December 1831.

David Everhart, born ca. 1840, died 12 July 1863, Ft. Delaware.

John Everhart, born 1841, died 28 November 1862, Vicksburg, MS.

Daniel E. Everhart, born 25 January 1843.

Eliza Jane Everhart, born April 1846, died ca. 1914. Married (1) Emanuel Everhart on 10 October 1870, and (2) John Short on 2 October 1882.

All of the above sons served in the Civil War with Andrew Everhart who may have also been their son.

Betsy died sometime between June and November of 1880, and Bill died sometime after June 1880. It is believed that they are buried in the Persia Cemetery in one of the unmarked graves near their son, James C.


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