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Waste Reduction

Recycling by City

City of Palestine

Recycling ETCOG Region
Service Name
First Name Last Name Location Address Location Address City
Phone Number Notes
Bob Follet Palestine-curbside Palestine
(903) 731-8494 Olympic picks up material and processes it. All materials except fiber (paper) are commingled in blue bins.

Fibers are tied and set aside.

cans-aluminum Olympic Waste Systems

cans-steel-bi-metal-tin Olympic Waste Systems

glass-brown Olympic Waste Systems

glass-clear Olympic Waste Systems

old corrugated containers Olympic Waste Systems

old newsprint w/ inserts Olympic Waste Systems

plastic-hdpe-#2 natural Olympic Waste Systems

plastic-pet-#1 soda Olympic Waste Systems

wood-christmas trees City of Palestine

yard trimming-leaves City of Palestine

yard trimmings-brush City of Palestine

yard trimmings-grass City of Palestine


Palestine Litter Abatement