Sindarin Greetings & Farewells



A star will shine on the time of our meeting. ~ l hlatha nan l e-govaded vn.
I hope you have a good day/morning/evening/night. ~ Harthon gerich arad/aur/aduial/dh vaer.
Have a good day/morning/evening/night. ~ Garo arad/aur/aduial/dh vaer.
Greetings! ~ Suilaid!
Greetings, friends! ~ Suilaid mellyn!
Greetings my friends! ~ Suilaid mellyn nn!
Greetings my friend! ~ Suilaid mellon nn!
I greet you. ~ Chen suilon
I give greeting to you. ~ Cen suilannon or Suilannon achen.
My heart sings to see you. ~ Guren linna chen cened.

My pleasure to meet you. ~ Glassen na chen govaded.
Well met! ~
Mae govannen.
I have not seen you for a long time. ~ Anann chen -gennin.



Farewell. ~ Navaer.
I hope you have a good journey. ~ Harthon gerich lend vaer.
I hope useful winds will speed you on. Harthon huil vaer chen horthatha.
Fair winds! ~ Suil vain!
I hope you will have kind seas. ~ Harthon gerithach aeair vilui.
I hope you will have a good hunt. ~ Harthon gerich rui vaer.
I hope the leaves of your tree of life will not wither. Harthon i laiss en-Galadh e-Guil chn -belithar.
I hope you will have green paths and a breeze behind your body. ~ Harthon gerithach raid gelin ar chwest adel thraw chn.
I hope you will have paths green and golden. ~ Harthon gerithach raid gelin ar velthin.
Nothing will stop the weeping of my heart until our reunion. ~ Unad nuithatha i nr e-guren nal aderthad vn.
I hope you will have sweet waters and joyous laughter until our next meeting. ~ Harthon gerithach nn velui ar lalaith veren na-l govaded vn.
I hope you will have sweet dreams tonight. ~ Harthon gerithach elei velui nef fuin hen.
I hope to see you there. ~ Ennas harthon chen cened.
I hope to see you at this time. ~ Harthon chen cened na l hen.


chen is the unattested accusative pronoun "you"
cen is the unattested dative pronoun "you"
chn is the unattested possessive pronoun "your"
unad is constructed for "nothing"
nal is constructed  for "until"


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