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IMPORTANT NOTE: When music files, including these MIDI, are played back on a DELL COMPUTER, they sometimes do not sound
in the key in which they were recorded.  This is a design flaw of DELL COMPUTERS.  There is a "fix" patch available at the Dell website.
Try this one, if it doesn't work go http://www.dell.com/support and see if the Dell gurus can point you in the right direction.

Audio- Analog Devices AD1885 Integrated Audio, Driver, Multi OS, Multi Language, Multi System, v., A19

If the Songname is followed by "UIL Class #", the tune is an exact transcription of the tune listed in the "Texas UIL Prescribed Music List" and is suitable for practice and/or performance. Of course, your computer must be sound-capable to hear the file(s).
If a tune you're looking for doesn't appear on this list, you may email me at garyhunter@tyler.net and if I have the tune available I will post it.  Most of the tunes are recorded at the tempo marked on the music. 
I Often Dance--Gary Hallquist--Youth Choir Song

Fairy Tales--Schumann--Violin UIL Class 2
Sonata 3 -- Handel -- Violin UIL Class 1 (largo and allegro mvts)

Entrance of the Noblemen--Cornet--UIL Class 3
Long Long Ago--Ritter--Clarinet  UIL Class 1
The Swan--Saint Saen/Finn--Flute Class 3
Sonata V--Handel--Flute UIL Class 2
Sonata V--Handel--Flute UIL Class 2 PIANO PART ONLY
All 'Antica--Goeyens--Cornet UIL Class 1
All 'Antica--Goevens--Cornet UIL Class 1 (piano only)
Andante et Scherzo--Busser--Cornet UIL Class 1
Ruby--Vandercook--Trombone UIL Class 3 (piano only--2/3/03)

Mamie Griffin, We Love You--School Song
Alexander's Ragtme Band--Berlin/McLeod Class 1 Brass Quintet
Dedication--W Pelz--Trumpet Class 3 (solo and piano)
Hunter's Chorus from "Freischutz"--Rascher--Alto Sax Class 3
Slip Up Polka--Ed Solomon--Trombone Class 3
The Happy Hunter--Henry Paine--Bassoon--Class 3
Portrait--Pelz--Tenor Sax-- Class 3
The Spartan--Bill Bell--Tuba Solo--Class 3
Cantilena--de Fesch--Bassoon/Bass Clarinet/Trombone Solo--Class 3

 Allegro from Concerto Grosso--Handel/Dishinger Clar UIL Cl 3
Minuet in G--Bach/Dishinger  Clar/Flute/T Sax/Bari BC  UIL Cl /2/3
 Allelula Mozart/Voxman....Clar...UIL Cl 2
 Canzona--Guenther.......Flute....UIL Cl 3 (includes solo part)
Canzona--Guenther--Flute--UIL Class 3 (piano only)
 Clarinet Concerto #3 in Bb--Stamitz/Wojciechowski....Class I
 Entr'act from 'Carmen'--Bizet...Clar...UIL Cl 2
 Evening in the Country---Bartok....Flute...UIL Cl 3
 Gavotte and Bouree--Bach/Rascher...Alto/Tenor Sax...UIL Cl 2
A Winter's Willow--Williams/Dishinger...Clar/Ten Sax  UIL Cl 3
 Gavotte and Hornpipe--Handel...Flute...UIL Cl 2
 Intro and Rondo...Tuba...UIL Cl 2
 Klein Suite, mvt 1--Andriesson...Flute...UIL Cl 2
 Klein Suite, mvt II--Andriesson...Flute...UIL Cl 2
 Klein Suite, mvt 3--Andriesson...Flute...UIL Cl 2
 Maid With The Flaxen Hair--DeBussey...Clar...UIL Cl 2
 Menuett--Kuhlau-Voxman...Flute...UIL Cl 3
 The Midshipmite...Cornet...UIL Cl 3
 Minuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits...Flute...UIL Cl 2
 "Petite Valse"--Lotzenhiser UIL Cl 3 Trumpet
 Rigaudon---Jean P Rameau/Dishinger.....Baritone/Trombone UIL Class 3
 Timepiece...Flute...UIL Cl 3
 Two Moods for Three Flutes--Neihaus UIL Class 2
 The Nervous Turkey Rag--Barnes--Tuba UIL Class 2

Other tunes
 Boomer Sooner

Meet Me In St Louis
 I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
 Brother James's Air
 Maid With The Flaxen Hair (Debussey)
If you have comments or suggestions, email me at garyhunter@tyler.net

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