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Many of us grew up watching "Family Affair" on CBS every Monday night (or whatever night) and it undoubtedbly left impressions on us which we will always remember.  Many of my friends and webpage visitors have encouraged me to post the materials I have accumulated on Anissa to pay tribute to her memory. So, here it is.  Much of the info here is public record and readily available to anyone who knows who to ask.  

The following pictures are of Anissa in post-FA days.  Special thanks to E! TV and for their productions.


            Anissa, age 15                                             Anissa  and brother John Paul Jones


  left to right: Paul, Helen Ward, Anissa, John                   Anissa, about age 15

For years, I heard rumors about Anissa being found "under a pier" in Oceanside.  Those rumors can be put to rest, now.  I have acquired a copy of her death certificate (public record available on request (and a small fee) from State of California--Human Health Services/Vital Statistics Office) and it clearly states she was found at 2312 Littler Lane, Oceanside, CA.  Below are links to maps showing the exact site of the address:

 Outset View of Oceanside, CA (with address X'd)
 Inset View of Oceanside, CA (2312 Littler Lane)

OK, I know you're going to ask.  Here's the death certificate.  There's two parts to it:

 Original Death Certificate
 Death Certificate Addendum (post-autopsy additions)

 Anissa Jones Bio (written by me)
 Still pic #1 from The Trouble With Girls
 Still pic #2 from The Trouble With Girls

 One of the last known photos of Anissa
 National Enquirer article about Brian Keith's death
Special thanks to Rebecca for donating this photo and article
 Photo of house at 2312 Littler Lane
Special thanks to for this photo


I made this page at the request of many friends who were fans of Anissa and I didn't know it.  I appreciate the work of many of you who have kept an interest in Anissa alive.   I hope this site, although small, is of interest and information to many of you.  If you have anything to add (like pics or further biographical info), please email at

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