Anissa Jones Photo Album


        Here are some selected photos I've prepared of Anissa in her latter days.  Photos of Anissa as Buffy are plentiful, but until lately, photos of her in her teen years were rare.  I have a large number of photos available and will add pages as I have time.  I apologize in advance for the poor quality of many of these pics; many of them were made into stills from video and it's a tricky process.  I'm hoping to save up some $$ and get improved (more expensive) software to enhance the process.

(1) Mary Anne Tweel Jones, Anissa's mother; (2) John P Jones, Anissa's father; (3) In 1974, Anissa enrolled at Westchester HS.  This is a photo of her ID card; (4) Anissa was about 15 in this pic; (5) Anissa's brother Paul and her mother; (6) Anissa, age 16

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